200 Amp Panel Upgrades

Upgrading To A 200 Amp Electrical Service Panel

Have you thought about upgrading to a 200 amp service panel? Depending on your current situation and needs, doing so might be a good idea. You will find that there are two big reasons to upgrade.

  • Your existing panel cannot keep up with your needs or the panel is too small
  • The existing panel is unsafe and increases the risk of a shock or fire

Before switching to a 200 amp panel, you need to make sure that doing so is wise for you. You’ll want to call our Queens NY office and speak to one of our friendly electricians. They’ll try to learn more about your current electrical system and needs. Then, they’ll help you determine whether you should upgrade to a bigger service panel.

We will work with Con Edison to coordinate this process.

What Does A 200 Amp Panel Upgrade Include?

When you take advantage of our 200 amp panel upgrade service, you’ll receive the following items.

  • Labor costs
  • Cost to obtain permits
  • A 200 amp panel and 12 double pole breakers
  • The choice to move the panel location
  • Equipment and supplies needed to install the panel
  • Removal and disposal of the existing panel

Numerous Reasons To Upgrade To A 200 Amp Panel

Ultimately, there are numerous reasons to upgrade to a 200 amp electrical panel. If you want to install a new AC or refrigerator, it might be a good idea to do so. You’ll find more reasons to upgrade below.

  • You’re renovating your kitchen
  • You’d like to add a new room to your home
  • It is time to install a new home office
  • You need more power
  • You need to install a new air conditioner

When you’re ready to begin, you should call us. We can help you find out whether or not it is a good idea to upgrade. We’re available around the clock so you should not hesitate to contact us immediately.


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