Whole House Surge Protection

What To Know About Whole Home Surge Protection

It’s likely your home has probably experienced a sudden electrical surge in the past. You might not have been home to witness the event or you might have been there during the occurrence. Either way, such an occurrence can have adverse effects on your home’s electrical system. This is unless you have the right type of protection installed. Not having surge protection installed can result in anything from damaged electronics to fried heating and air systems. Whatever device is connected to the circuit that surges could potentially fry.

While there are surge protectors available that can be installed on each individual circuit in the home, you can limit your potential for damage while also protecting your entire home’s electrical system with a whole house surge protector. Unfortunately, damage due to electrical surges is not something that’s new. It might be a new experience to you or you might be noticing it for the first time, but it is an occurrence that’s been happening ever since the advent of electricity. What makes that situation even worse is, today more people not only use more electrical devices than ever, but these devices are much more sensitive. This is why many people are choosing to protect their computers and electrical devices with what are known as power strip surge protectors.

Commonly Asked Questions About Surge Protectors

A surge usually happens right when the power starts back after an outage. They can also occur at any time that the power fluctuates. Basically any time there is an interruption in the electrical circuits, your electrical system will surge. Think of it as a river running. That river will continue to run at a steady flow until something interrupts it. In addition to this, surges are common when the appliances in your home shut off and on.

Today, it is not uncommon for computers to come with pre-installed surge protectors. And, this is because they are more sensitive than ever. Unfortunately, these devices can be hit and miss. Sometimes they’ll work, sometimes they won’t work. While highly-quality surge protectors can offer the protection that you are seeking for your devices, none of it will matter if your home isn’t properly grounded. You can have the best protector in the world installed, but if your home isn’t properly ground, you might as well be rubbing two live wires together.

A qualified electrical professional can tell you whether or not your home is properly grounded. Ground fault detectors are common tools that electricians carry today and they are highly trained at using them. What’s even better is, a lot of today’s new homes are built with whole-home surge protectors. Even if your home isn’t built with one, you can easily and affordably have one installed in Queens. We are currently offering a discount on whole-home surge protector installations.

Whether you have a new home or an older home, our techs can tell you if your home is properly grounded or not. If not, we also have the skill and knowledge to ground your home while also installing sufficient protection.


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