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Our Landscape Lighting Service – What Queens’ Homeowners Need To Know

Outdoor lighting is a new trend in the landscape industry. Landscape lighting offers a broad range of benefits that are very difficult for homeowners to ignore. There are many reasons why homeowners are attracted to landscape lighting. Just look around your neighborhood, landscape lighting is popping up everywhere in Queens.

Why choose landscape lighting? Is landscape lighting feasible? Is landscape lighting accessible in Queens? Find the answers to these questions and much more about landscape lighting in the content provided below.

Landscape Lighting – What Does It Entail?

Landscape lighting is much more than a string of lights wrapped around a shrub. No, landscape lighting takes curb appeal to a new level. Modern landscape lighting is a mesh system of various types of lights – solar- or electricity-powered.

The first step of the process involves the decision-making process. Homeowners need to know their landscape lighting options before initial purchase. There are two main types of landscape lighting, including electricity- and solar-powered – with the latter being the most popular.

Solar-Powered Landscape Lighting

As mentioned previously, solar-powered landscape lighting is preferred by most homeowners. The main reason this type of landscape lighting is so popular is that it is energy-efficient. What this means is the lighting operates on solar power. With the help of solar panels and rechargeable batteries, this is possible.

With the latest state-of-the-art technologies, it is possible to power a full mesh outdoors lighting system for 12 hours or longer. There are several factors that will determine the solar battery runtime. These factors are mostly associated with the rechargeable battery, followed by the number and type of lights.

Electrical-Powered Landscape Lighting

For the not-so Eco-friendly homeowner, electrical-powered mesh landscape lighting. This landscape lighting system is more diverse than the solar-powered system because electricity generates unlimited power. Now, this is not to say, solar landscape lighting should be ruled out altogether. No, it just means, the electricity-powered option is more versatile.

Modern Landscape Lighting Options

Landscape lighting has improved greatly over the past decade. Today, there are components specific for shrubs, trees, driveways, walkways, gardens, ponds, decks, and stairs.

  • Walkway lighting improves safety in low-light areas
  • Pond lighting
  • String lighting for decks and porches
  • Spotlight lighting for outdoor ornaments
  • Floating lighting for ponds
  • Net lighting for shrubs and bushes

Why Landscape Lighting?

As previously mentioned, landscape lighting offers a broad range of benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to, improved safety, increased property value, more curb appeal, and focal point creation.

Landscape Lighting – What Not To Do

As with any home project, there are several factors to consider when installing landscape lighting. It is crucial to keep your neighbors in mind during the process as well. It is crucial that your neighbors do not find your new landscape lighting an annoyance.

Our Queens Landscape Lighting Service – We Are Here To Help

Landscape lighting is doable, accessible, and affordable with our help. We offer a broad range of outdoor lighting components. We can even help you customize a light scheme specific to your home and property. Call us today to schedule your free landscape lighting inspection and quote.


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