Smoke Detector Installation

Queens, New York Proper Smoke Detector Installation

While smoke detectors are without a doubt one of the home’s most important safety features, you’d be surprised at home commonly overlooked they are. And, you’d be surprised to learn just how often homes burn to the ground when it could have been prevented. This is especially true for the Queens area. A working and efficient smoke detector will not only greatly increase the chances of your home not burning, but it’ll increase the chances of your family getting out alive in the event that there is a house fire.

Recent reports show that three out of five deaths by home fires occurred in homes without working smoke detectors. Either there were no smoke detectors installed at all or they were malfunctioning at the time of the fire. This is why it is imperative to not only have properly installed smoke detectors, but you need to check them regularly to make sure they work. Many homes in Queens will have smoke detectors installed, but they simply won’t be functioning. Having our company come out and install wired smoke detectors can eliminate all of this.

Wired smoke detectors are wire right into the home’s electrical system, and when they are malfunctioning or not working properly, you’ll know!

Smoke Detector Installation

It is entirely possible for a homeowner that knows nothing about electrical wiring to install smoke detectors. The only problem is, these detectors will likely operate off batteries. And, these are the types of detectors that malfunction and people let go. If you want to opt to have a smoke detector wired directly into your home’s electrical system it is best to have a professional company do so. Not just any company, a company likes ours!

How To Get The Most From Your Surge Protectors

If you want to get the most from your surge protectors, you should consider implementing the following:

Replace batteries on the regular (At least every 6 to 12 months)

Properly locate the detectors in strategic locations

Install special detectors for individuals that are hard of hearing or hearing impaired

Replace your entire detectors every 8 to 10 years

Utilize Lithium-Ion batteries (If so, replace the entire detector or detectors when the battery dies, which should be 10 years or so.)

Even with systems that are hard-wired, install backup batteries

Always keep a check on these backups every 6 to 12 months

How Much Do Average Detectors Cost?

The cost of an average smoke detector today can range anywhere from 10 to 40 dollars. Of course, this does not include installation. In addition to this, this doesn’t consider the type of detector. Some detectors cost more than others, while specific installations will also cost more.

The Best Location For Protectors

Whether you are installing your own detectors or you are hiring an electrical company, you should make sure they are:

  • Installed on every level of the home
  • In every bedroom of the home
  • They should be within at least 10 to 15 feet from these bedrooms
  • Place detectors where smoke will likely rise and set it off
  • Avoid installations near windows and ceiling fans for obvious reasons
  • The same should be considered for stoves, toasters, saunas, or showers
  • Even hard-wired detectors need to be installed where they can be shut off and on

If you have any questions or concerns with smoke detectors for your Queens home, you can give our local branch a ring. We always have someone standing by, ready to answer your questions and assist.


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