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Queens NY Generator Installation

You never know when the power is going to go out in Queens. While it doesn’t happen too often, it happens and you need to be ready for it. Queens residents should think about installing generators at home so they can deal with these situations. Otherwise, a winter storm could lead you and your loved ones without heat when you need it the most. Our company installed generators so you should start by calling us.

Installation & Maintenance For Generators

Our company has been installing generators for Queens residents for many, many years. When you decide to install a generator at home, you’ll want to call us. We know how to install generators better than anyone else and we strive to provide cost-effective services. It is pertinent to make sure that your generator has been installed correctly and this isn’t easy.

We hope you’ll work with us. Installing your generator will be a precise process with several steps.

  • Assessing The Situation – First and foremost, our electricians will need to perform an assessment of your home and electrical system. The information obtained allows us to determine which generator will be best for you. You don’t want to waste money by purchasing a generator that is too late. Our assessment prevents this from happening.
  • Installing The Generator – Once we’ve picked a generator, you’ll need to find out where to install it. Picking the right location is key for reducing risks and maintaining the aesthetics of your home. We’ll work with you to find the best place to install your generator. Then, we’ll install a concrete pad so the generator can be installed on it securely.
  • Installing The Transfer Switch – Finally, we will need to install a transfer switch. This makes it possible for you to switch from your existing power supply to the generator. In addition to this, you can choose manual and automatic transfer switches.

You need a back-up plan before something goes wrong. With this in mind, we recommend installing a generator at your home before an emergency. Installing a generator will give you greater peace of mind since you’ll know that you’ll never have to go without power.

FAQs Generator Installations

In general, it can take several weeks to install a generator. Depending on your city, we may need to obtain a permit and we might need to upgrade your meter. This will make the installation take longer.

Having a standby generator is highly beneficial. If your power goes out, the generator will turn on and power your house. This guarantees that you’ll be able to continue working even when the power is out. In addition to this, a standby generator will be very helpful when dealing with natural disasters.

Before installing a standby generator, you will likely need several permits. It can be difficult to obtain permits so you’ll want to work with us. We’ll help you get everything you need so you can install your new generator sooner rather than later.


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