Electrical Circuits Installation

Installing New Electrical Circuits Queens NY

Right now, you have enough power to meet the power needs of your family. However, you have to understand that things are going to change in the future. There is always a chance that you’re going to have another child. If this happens, you may need more power than what you had initially. You may suspect that you can fix this problem by adding new circuits but this may not always be the solution.

Many homes have customized electrical panels that leave little room for growth. You need to be very careful when installing new circuits to make sure that you do not overstep the safety thresholds. Before adding new circuits, you should let a qualified electrician evaluated your current system and electrical panel.

It is important to make sure that everything is working correctly and that you can add new circuits without creating new problems. When installing a new appliance, you will increase the amount of electricity your home needs. It is a good idea to work with a licensed electrician since doing so can make sure that your system can support the added load.

When To Add Circuits

You will need to add new circuits in certain situations. The most common will be listed below.

  • You wish to have an extravagant holiday light display around your home
  • You’re installing a new EV car charger that will require a separate 120 or 240-volt electrical circuit
  • You’ve like to add a hot tub to your home
  • You intend to add a new room with more lights and electrical outlets

Is it best to install a new circuit to accommodate your needs? This is a good idea but it might not be the best solution. Before moving forward, you should work with us. We can evaluate your home and make sure new circuits will be okay. If they’re not, we’ll find out what is better.

We always provide our clients with honest, reliable advice. We believe being honest is more important than making a buck.

FAQs – New Electrical Circuits

Before installing a new circuit, you will need to open a slot in your home’s circuit breaker panel. This will provide enough space for the new circuit. It is best to work during the day since the electricity will need to be turned off until the process is finished.

Dedicated electrical circuits are used for one appliance only. This circuit will have a separate breaker in the panel box. This guarantees that the appliance has enough power and will not overload the home’s electrical system.

Using an electrical sub-panel is a good idea when you need to add branch circuits further away from the main service panel. It is often known as a mini service panel.

When it comes to electrical systems, a home run is a cable that runs from the main circuit breaker panel to the home’s first plug, box, or switch in the circuit.


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