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Many household electrical systems utilized aluminum wiring from the 60s to the early 70s. According to the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, roughly 2 million homes have aluminum wiring. However, things have changed since the mid-70s. Now, electricians are using copper wiring because it is considered safe than the alternatives. Aluminum is dangerous since it can pose a fire hazard.

Homeowners should replace their aluminum wiring as soon as possible. As long as you continue using aluminum wiring, your risk of experiencing a house fire is greatly increased. Our company can help. You’ll want to contact our electrician so they can begin serving your needs immediately.

Aluminum Wiring Leads To Greater Fire Risks

The United States Products Safety Commission suggests that aluminum house wiring leads to a 40 to 50 times greater risk than houses with copper. The agency says that aluminum wiring in a house presents a serious fire risk. A lot of homeowners have aluminum wiring and they do not understand the risks involved. These individuals need to right the wrongs so they can protect their assets and loved ones as soon as possible.

FAQs Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Ultimately, aluminum wiring is a serious fire hazard. When it is spliced and connected to an outlet, switch, or circuit breaker, the risks are grave. Aluminum wires tend to shrink and expand when area temperatures change. Over a period, this can create breaks in the circuit. That can lead to overheating, sparks, and house fires.

Thankfully, you can remedy this problem without spending excessively. You may be able to fix the problem without completely replacing the entire aluminum wiring system. Instead, you can likely remedy this issue by adding copper connection points to the end of the aluminum wiring. These must be added where the wires are connected to electrical switches, circuit breakers, and outlets.

Dealing with aluminum wire is dangerous so you should never try to tackle this issue on your own. Instead, you’ll want to work with us. We specialize in this area of electrical work. Replacing aluminum wiring systems should only be done by licensed, qualified electricians. Our company can help. Don’t hesitate to call us so we can begin helping you today.

Was your home built or renovated in the mid-60s or early 70s? If so, there is a risk that your home has aluminum wiring and it needs to be replaced. The best way to resolve this problem is by contacting us!


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